The Wonder Shop

Well I said my final farewell to summer a few weeks ago and I did it the best way I knew how: a small day trip to Carolina Beach and Wilmington, NC. My friend and I spent the morning around Carolina Beach, soaking up the sun and eating Britt’s donuts, and went up to Wrightsville in the … More The Wonder Shop

Upworthy Article: Putting an end to stereotypical girls’ clothing Hello all! I wanted to share an article I read recently about children’s clothes. The article was published by and it talks about stereotypical girls’ clothing and how certain companies have taken their designs one step too far, with pictures of products going viral in the past couple years. The article showcases a … More Upworthy Article: Putting an end to stereotypical girls’ clothing

Biltmore Estate

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Asheville with my mom and visit Biltmore Estate. It’s been a wish of mine to see it and I’m very glad I got to experience its beauty this summer. As any magnificent estate would, Biltmore took my breath away. The architecture inside and outside … More Biltmore Estate

The First Post

Hello my fellow blog lovers! I wanted to give a brief introduction to what you may find from my posts here on Echoes of Auburn. Primarily my posts will be filled with fashion, showcasing my personal style, giving attention to local fashion, textile, or art events, or recognizing other fashion gurus. My personal style is … More The First Post