Hey everyone! I’m Taryn.


I’m currently an undergrad at North Carolina State University in the College of Textiles, majoring in Fashion and Textile Management. I’ve lived near Raleigh, North Carolina for just over 10 years now but was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and lived there for the first part of my life.

I’m a true fashion and photography geek, which are easily two of my favorite things. Local fashion shows, designer meet and greets, eco-friendly textile conferences, and just about anything in between, I’m there. My many other loves include writing, traveling, photography, nature, theatre, quotes, cities, books, and tea. Be prepared for lots of photos and quotes on the blog, I’m obsessed with both! I’m also a pretty outspoken feminist and animal rights activist amongst my friends and peers. I’ve always been drawn to activism and volunteering; nothing is more gratifying than fighting for something you believe in.

I can’t remember a time I felt like I could be easily defined; I love to think of myself as a complex person with a thoughtful, untamed mind. But I like it that way! And I wanted to reach out to others like me with a ridiculous amount of passions waiting for the right mode of expression. This brings me to the reason for my blog. I created Echoes of Auburn to mostly satisfy my fashion crazed, photography obsessed, and writing driven soul, but to also express other passions of mine that I felt were connected. So I hope you join me and enjoy the variety of posts about fashion, photography, feminism, and, honestly, just about anything else remotely related. 🙂