March Weather Madness

North Carolina does it again. February felt like spring was just around the corner, and yet here we are in March with temperatures hitting below freezing. March has kept us on our toes, where every week brings new weather. Even throughout the day, students around campus will have to change out their warm coats for shorts and t-shirts when it spikes up near the 80s in the afternoon, after a chilly morning left them wondering if winter was really gone.

Spring break was a great example of this March weather madness. While the beginning of it started off cool and brisk, the sun came out for a glorious few days of warmth. It did snow on our last day of break, but I like to focus on the positive. So, like many others on break, I took advantage of the sunshine and went to the beach for the day. Sunny Wilmington was lively with spring breakers and families walking along streets full of shops and restaurants, enjoying Kilwin’s ice cream and some Port City Java iced beverages while taking in the views.

For the beach, I had to trade my swimsuit for a sweater. I tried my best to enjoy the water and sun in my shorts and bikini, but the ocean breeze wore through my determination, so I gave in and cuddled up in my oversized dark grey sweater. I love the sweater and shorts look, though. It’s a super comfy outfit that looks somehow pieced together. Even though I would categorize sweaters as a pretty casual clothing item (especially a sweater like the one I’m wearing), there’s something about the look that makes me think “effortlessly stylish,” which is perfect for the beach! You can wear your swimsuit underneath, but still be comfortable when you’re taking a stroll along the icy water. Beach wear in general is very flowy and light, and for the cooler spring months, a sweater is a great alternative to a peasant blouse or loose tank top.

Sweater weather







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