‘Tis the Season…for Jackets

Hello all!

I apologize for my prolonged silence on the blog, the end of this semester was hitting its climax with projects and finals, and it was kicking my patootie. But it’s winter break and I am back! And I have so much fashion and style news to share with you!

Starting off this series of winter posts, I would like to share with you one of my favorite obsessions: jackets! Forget sweater weather (though I do have many of those as well), this is the time of year where my unhealthy obsession with jackets gets to shine! And now that it’s finally cold enough in North Carolina to wear jackets on a regular basis, I get to share my love with all of you.

Jackets are such a useful wardrobe item to have; they have so much power to change the style and aesthetic of any outfit. Whether it’s a blazer, leather jacket, fluffy overcoat, or a trendy trench coat, jackets are the perfect finishing touch on outfits. I really enjoy finding unique patterned and colored jackets since many of my tops and blouses are simple with only a few colors or minimal patterns. Jackets and coats can also help transform an outfit from being casual to a more put together and formal look. A nice structured and sleek jacket over jeans and a nice blouse can make all the difference between a lazy outfit and a trendy one. Now do you see why I love jackets so much?! Detailing in a jacket can also create more interest in a look. I instantly fall in love with the small details on jackets, whether it’s beading, a pattern, the buttons, piping, or a combination.

One jacket I was so excited to find was this emerald green one from H&M. I love emerald green, and it looks really good with my coloring and hair color–lucky me! I paired it with a purple Nine West shoulder bag and a basic black tee, with my favorite black lace bralette, to give the look a little feminine touch. And while it is December (and only one day before Christmas!), North Carolina still has its warm days–it was 70° a couple days ago. Hence, the sandals I am wearing are still somewhat relevant for those of us in the southern states.











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