Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

Fall is finally upon us! So you know what that means: time to break out the fall wardrobe. Your favorite sweaters, jeans, boots, and hats have been stuck in the back of your closet all summer, but are making their way into daily use.

I’m sure some of you are noticing that some of your fall items just aren’t working for you anymore. Whether they’ve outgrown you or you’ve outgrown them, it’s time to say goodbye and move on to better (and trendier) things. So whether you’re looking for new fall essentials or you just want to stay up to date in the fashion world, here’s a list of the hottest style and color trends for this season that everyone needs to know.

#1. The Ten Must-Have Colors


Starting off with the official Fall 2016 Pantone colors, these are the 10 colors you need to have in your wardrobe to be ready for fall fashion. All the colors can be styled with each other to create a variety of looks; if you had one item in each of these colors, you’d have an unlimited amount of color schemes for your outfits.

#2. Bomber Jackets

If you don’t have a bomber jacket for this autumn, you better go find one! Bomber jackets are one of the hottest trends this season. We’ve seen them appear in fashion week shows, designer collections, and the personal closets of our favorite models and fashion gurus. Throw one over your leggings and tank top for a chic on-the-go look, or wear one with your jeans and button-up for an edgy meets preppy style.

#3. Suede Shoes

If only Elvis Presley were here to see this trend… But it’s true! Forget leather boots this year, suede is the new fabric of choice for footwear. I can’t go anywhere without seeing suede heels, suede boots, suede flats, or even suede sneakers. This trend has latched on and isn’t letting go anytime soon.

#4. Boyfriend Jeans

I love boyfriend jeans! This fall trend has captured my heart. Boyfriend jeans are so easy to wear and are super relaxed and comfortable. I have a pair from Loft that I am obsessed with. And even though they are more casual with their relaxed fit, you can still dress them up with a heel and a blazer for a more chic and polished look.

#5. Leather Totes

Leather totes are replacing the backpacks around campus. I see more and more people each day carrying a tote to hold all their class supplies, laptops, wallets and keys, and just about anything else you could fit in there. They are very simple and chic, but also incredibly functional and versatile, a must have for any busy fashionista!

#6. Mock-Neck Tops

This super classic and cute trend has transitioned from summer fashion to fall fashion. Mock-neck tank tops and crop tops were trends seen this summer, and now mock-neck sweaters and long-sleeved shirts are here to stay for the fall.

#7. Black Ripped Jeans

 These are all the rage right now! A pair of nice black jeans with holes at the knees are all you need to make any outfit trendy this fall. Of course if you’re not into ripped jeans, plain black jeans are still just as trendy and create the same aesthetic effect.

#8. 90’s Style

Everything 90’s is coming back. The anti-conformist, minimalistic, and casual chic trends from the decade have emerged for our generation to explore. From chokers to suede skirts to slip dresses over tees, 90’s style is all around. And the list goes on: oversized jean jackets, flannels, baggy high-waisted jeans, Converse, Doc Martens, and more.

#9. Embroidered Boots

For those of you who like to take risks with your style, this trend is for you. Still up and coming, embroidered boots have been spotted at Fashion Week in designer collections and are being worn on the street by true trendsetters. Embroidery has been making a come back recently, from embroidered bomber jackets to jeans, but embroidered boots are definitely for the brave hearted fashionistas out there.


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