#binibabes: Gianni Bini at Dillard’s

I’m very excited to be working with Dillard’s at Cary Towne Center to promote their exclusive Gianni Bini Designer event this weekend! It’s the first of its kind for the store and it’s open to everyone! The event is to promote Gianni Bini’s lines Gianni Bini and GB in all departments, from shoes to girl’s clothing. The event will be absolutely amazing, with Bini Bubble mocktails, light hors d’oeuvres, and a backdrop for shoppers to show off their Gianni Bini style in front of the camera. The event even has it’s own hashtag! So for any Bini lovers out there like myself, #binibabes will be filling up your social media pages.


This event is the perfect opportunity for anyone who is not only interested in shopping the latest Gianni Bini and GB styles, but who wants to receive one-on-one shopping and styling advice from Dillard’s dedicated stylists as well as get luxury styling tips from yours truly, along with the girls at NC State’s College of Textiles magazine, PackFashion! And as if that wasn’t enough, any customers who purchase Gianni Bini or GB products will receive a FREE reusable Gianni Bini bag. And the best part (drum roll please)……Everyone gets a chance to enter to win free Gianni Bini or GB items for an ENTIRE YEAR!



This event is perfect for shopping the new Gianni Bini fall collections, which are absolutely gorgeous by the way! I had the pleasure of looking through his new line in store and I am obsessed! I already have items on my shopping list. The event is all weekend (October 6th-October 8th), only at the Dillard’s location in Cary Towne Center featuring different styles each day, but exclusively on Saturday October 8th you can book VIP fitting room parties for you and the other Gianni Bini lovers in your life (I’ll definitely need one of those VIP fitting rooms on Saturday).








So I think I just found your weekend plans. I for one am beyond excited to get to work with such great people at Dillard’s and in PackFashion to promote and take part in this amazing new event! I’m also very excited to see more of Gianni Bini’s name in my closet  😉

I hope to see you all out there!


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