The Wonder Shop

Well I said my final farewell to summer a few weeks ago and I did it the best way I knew how: a small day trip to Carolina Beach and Wilmington, NC. My friend and I spent the morning around Carolina Beach, soaking up the sun and eating Britt’s donuts, and went up to Wrightsville in the evening. I absolutely love downtown Wilmington, with all the shops, the views, and the Port City Javas! I’ve been looking over the pictures my friend and I took, trying to relive those last summer moments as I’ve been back on NCSU campus training for my new job. No matter how much I love city life in Raleigh, you can’t beat Wilmington in the summer. The atmosphere in Wilmington is something that cannot be replicated.thumb_DSC_0159_1024thumb_IMG_4667_1024thumb_DSC_0178_1024thumb_DSC_0154_1024

But besides the gorgeous views and one of a kind atmosphere, there’s plenty of shopping to keep visitors busy and entertained. The local shops are so welcoming and they have some great and unique fashion finds! While we were walking around Wilmington a few weeks ago, we found a new store that I fell in love with! We happened to stumble upon The Wonder Shop when I saw their lovely blue “Vintage” sign. I was immediately intrigued by their further advertisements that stated they were “vintage and virgin”. I was definitely rewarded for my curiosity!



The Wonder Shop has a variety of vintage and up-cycled clothing that ranges from beautiful, classic silk scarves to funky and bold printed pants! One of the girls I talked to who worked there told me that all their vintage apparel was at least 2o years old and in excellent condition. They also sell select new virgin brands to add a different element to their mostly vintage store. When my friend and I were at their shop, we saw quite a few recycled jean halter tops that were all designed and made by store employees. The truly talented staff made the tops look modern and yet fit seamlessly with the vintage items in the store. And they also do personal styling! Once you enter the store, they help find items to fit your personality and tastes. It’s so nice having someone do the shopping for you sometimes! Especially if you aren’t familiar with their store.

The Wonder Shop is definitely making a great impression on tourists and locals alike! And they know how to be eco-friendly with their great business practices, a major perk if you ask me! I love finding unique items, but when I’m also helping the environment at the same time, it’s a knock out deal. I plan to shop there every time I am in Wilmington. The prices are great, the service is amazing, and who doesn’t like finding one of a kind pieces?

Go check out their online site here! The Wonder Shop And also follow them on Facebook and Instagram @thewondershop!


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