Biltmore Estate



This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Asheville with my mom and visit Biltmore Estate. It’s been a wish of mine to see it and I’m very glad I got to experience its beauty this summer. As any magnificent estate would, Biltmore took my breath away. The architecture inside and outside was gorgeous, the rooms and halls were massive and elegantly decorated, and the views left you speechless. I absolutely adored walking around the gardens and going out to the terraces where the mountains were always visible in the distance.

My favorite spot was at the Library and South Terraces, which faced out towards the massive grounds with the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background. The best part about that spot was that it was connected to the incredible library by two sets of grand French doors. The library was easily my favorite room in the house; I don’t think I would ever leave that area if I had the good fortune of living there.

As soon as it was confirmed that my mom and I were going to Biltmore, I immediately started planning what I was going to wear. I wanted something classy, sophisticated, but that also had a romantic feel to it that went along with the romantic charm of the beautiful estate. I chose my white Vince Camuto zipper dress because I thought it was modern and sophisticated, and the white gave it that romantic edge. I wore an old black waist belt that I had “borrowed” from my mother years ago to add some contrast. I went with my favorite Dolce Vita black wedges to go along with my clean and sleek black-and-white outfit.

To add some color and enhance the romantic mood of the outfit, I carried a vintage beaded purse I bought from a local thrift store. The mix of modern and vintage works well for this look since I use the intricate pattern of beading on the purse to add visual interest to the clean and sophisticated look of the dress and shoes. And you can never go wrong with pairing something with black and white; everything matches. I loved how it all tied together to create the perfect charming and elegant look for a memorable day at the enchanting Biltmore Estate.


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