The First Post

Hello my fellow blog lovers! I wanted to give a brief introduction to what you may find from my posts here on Echoes of Auburn.

Primarily my posts will be filled with fashion, showcasing my personal style, giving attention to local fashion, textile, or art events, or recognizing other fashion gurus. My personal style is hard to define in one phrase. I really go for anything that catches my eye. My tastes range from preppy chic to classic vintage, but my clothes always represent me. I tend to gravitate towards pieces that are different. I grew up in a town where if the name wasn’t plastered somewhere on an item of clothing, you knew where it came from anyways because you recognized it from the one store everyone shopped at.

 As my blog is an outlet for my other creative habits, photography will also play a large role in my posts. I’m obsessed with the camera and will be sharing some of my work as well as others’. No doubt there will be many posts with photographs from yours truly, attached with numerous quotes that I love. I am also very interested in how fashion and textiles play a part in other issues around the world. So other posts will be dedicated to highlighting events where fashion takes its toll or makes a difference. Fashion can open up many doors and lead you to new avenues; I think it’s fun to explore where its roots have reached.

So I hope you enjoy a variety of posts as the journey begins for Echoes of Auburn.


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